Water Main Break

Report a Water Main Break

The City of Loveland is committed to providing excellent water service and for the safety of its residents. Please contact City Hall at 513-683-0150 to report a water main break during regular operating hours. If you would like to report a water main break after regular operating hours, please contact our non-emergency line 513-677-7000 for 24-hour service.

Water Main Break

City Procedures

During a water main break, the City is able to keep the water turned on most of the time. However, residents shall only use water for drinking, cooking, personal washing and flushing toilets. Industries are also requested to limit water usage to maximize the water for fire service. If the water has been turned off, please refer to the City website for further information. Breaking news about water main breaks may also be delivered via the City’s e-newsletter, which residents can subscribe to online.

After a water main break has been fixed, the water in the area of the water main break may be discolored or cloudy. Please do not worry. The change in appearance of the water will not cause any harm, unless a water boil advisory has been issued, which will be posted on the City website and sent out via the City’s e-newsletter. Discolored water is simply the result of natural sediment that is already in your pipes that has been stirred up. Cloudy water is the result of the buildup of air in the pipes. In either case, simply leave the water running for about ten minutes and the water will return to normal.

The City of Loveland appreciates your understanding while Water Works crews work tirelessly to fix a water main break. Please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 513-683-0150 for any reason.