Arts & Culture

At first glance, this may not seem like a location for a thriving arts community.  Drive through the city, however, and you will find yourself eventually in Historic Downtown, where you cross the Little Miami River, scenic bike trail, and quaint retail shops.  Within this area you can find arts facilities ranging from art galleries and music centers to the newly opened Whistle Stop Clay Works, where a couple converted an oil distribution building into a ceramics teaching studio and hosts “Cocktails and Clay” every Friday night.

Events3 people molding clay

From international artists to Loveland locals, our city has a committed arts community. This can be seen every fall at the Loveland Art Show, held in Historic Downtown Loveland in one of the city’s many parks.  The Loveland Art Show has been in existence since 1996 and brings over 3,000 art consumers and 71 exhibitors into our community during the event.  Loveland also celebrates the arts throughout the year with live performing art and public art creation to raise awareness for arts in Loveland.

Art Opportunities

For a town of 12,000 residents, it is truly remarkable how artists have driven economic development in the town, revitalizing run-down buildings, and bringing art consumers into the City.

While Loveland touts one arts facility per 1,000 residents, many residents are not aware of the creative outlets available to them.  The impact of the proposed permanent public art displays will remind residents on a daily basis that their community values the arts and making art accessible to all.  The project outlined in our grant submission seeks to create a stronger sense of community and civic engagement in the City of Loveland.