Annual Road Program

Location: City Wide                                                                  Paving Program Street ListSee below

Contractor: JK Meurer                                                             City Contact: Cindy Klopfenstein, City Engineer (513) 707-6114

Project Cost: $1,200,000                                                       

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Project Scope: 

The streets (or sections of streets) that will be repaved in this year's paving program are determined by staff in the spring after the winter thaw and are listed below. Construction is expected to be underway during spring 2023.  Sawcutting of curb sections to be replaced is scheduled to begin on March 31, 2023.   On-street parking restrictions and minor traffic delays are expected.

  • Apache Ct.
  • Bellwood Dr. (Sunrise to West Terminus)
  • Bloomfield Ct.
  • Bridlespur
  • Cones Rd. (within City limits)
  • County Down Ln. (Brandywine to South Terminus)
  • Fox Chase Dr.
  • High Country Ln.
  • Highcliff Ct.
  • Navaho Dr.
  • Oneida Dr.
  • Potomac Ct.
  • Pueblo Plc.
  • Rednor Ct.
  • Seminole Dr.
  • Shelburn Dr.
  • Silver Fox Ct.
  • Sioux Dr.
  • Sunrise Dr.
  • W. Main St. (Cherokee to West Terminus).  
  • Limited pavement repairs (without repaving) will also be performed on portions of Kerr Cemetery Rd.