Barfels-Waples Internship Program

From 2005 to 2013, the City Manager's Office offered alumni of the Loveland Student Government night the opportunity to intern with the City of Loveland to further expose them to public service and to assist them in their careers. The Barfels-Waples Management Internship is named in honor of long-serving Loveland City Manager Wayne Barfels and highly respected Loveland City School District superintendent Chuck Waples. Both men served the community in the early years of the Student Government Night program development and were instrumental in shaping the community of Loveland today. This program was discontinued beginning with the 2013 Budget due to revenue losses.

  1. Kevin McLachlan
  2. Ana Downes
  3. Samantha Cardwell
  4. Natalie Siddique
  5. Marc Kutylowski
  6. Shelby Copenhaver

A 2005 graduate of Loveland High School, Kevin went on to pursue a Master's in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill after he completed his internship with the City of Loveland and graduated from Miami University in Oxford. As of 2012, Kevin has entered public service by working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in North Carolina.