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Committee Application

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  2. Application for City of Loveland Boards, Commissions and Committees
    Committee members must live, work, or own their own business in the City of Loveland, or demonstrate some other significant tie or contribution to the City of Loveland.
  3. Committee Selection
  4. Committee Selection
  5. Do you reside in the city limits of Loveland?
  6. Do you work in the city limits of Loveland?
  7. Do you own a business in the city limits of Loveland?
  8. Are you a registered voter?
  9. Have you served on a committee in the past?
  10. I certify the answers I have given are true and to the best of knowledge and belief.
  11. Please note all application materials submitted will become public record once submitted and may be disclosed under the Ohio Public Records Law.
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