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Parade Volunteers - Independence Day

  1. Independence Day Parade Volunteer Form
  2. We need your help!

    It takes many behind-the-scenes helpers to deliver the City of Loveland's annual Independence Day Celebration. We especially need help with the parade to help ensure it is a safe, fun experience for everyone.

    We are seeking helpers for the following roles:

    Marshals - You will help stage participants as they arrive for line up at Loveland Elementary School. Help place them in order, give them instructions, etc.

    Banner Carriers - Help carry our many sponsor banners in the parade. (Great for students needing volunteer hours!)

    Flow Controllers - You will be positioned at key spots along the parade route — i.e. as you cross the bridge and the road narrows entering downtown — to help keep the road clear and make sure participants are aware of the route.

    Gatekeepers - You will be placed at the staging area entry point or the end of the parade to help guide participants.

  3. Details
    1. Parade line-up begins at Loveland Elementary School (600 Loveland-Madeira Road) at 6:15 p.m. 
    2. Parade begins at 7 p.m. The parade lasts approx. 60-90 minutes.
    3. The parade ends at State Route 48/West Loveland Avenue (near Graeter's).
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  6. Thank you for supporting our community event! Upon receipt, city staff will be in touch with your volunteer assignment and instructions.

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