Electric Aggregation

Electric IconCity of Loveland officials are pleased to announce that they have established a low fixed rate for members in the city’s electric aggregation program. Energy Harbor LLC was chosen as the program’s supplier following a competitive bidding process for a four-year program starting with the May 2021 meter read.

Program members will pay a low fixed rate of $0.0451 cents/kWh for their May 2021 through May 2024 meter reads. The rate of $0.0451 cents/kWh from Energy Harbor is lower than the current rate ($0.0503). Energy Harbor also provides a second option for residents to select a 100% renewable power (green energy) offer of $0.0468 cents/kWh. Residents may choose this option but must call the supplier to request it. 

Customers served by another supplier should review the obligations in their existing contract before joining the City of Loveland program, as many suppliers charge a fee for early termination. Customers wishing to join the program must be in good standing with their bill payment and cannot be part of the utility’s Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP).

The city is pleased to have made this program possible but asks that you do not call city offices. They are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls and cannot process change requests. If residents have any questions or wish to change service, they should contact Energy Harbor at (866) 636-3749.

Please Note

Energy Harbor’s price does not include any taxes, utility distribution charges, other utility fees, charges, or credits. The price is subject to the terms of the agreements with the city and the participants.

Simple Ways to Save Electric

Here are a few easy tips from the U.S. Department of Energy to improve your energy use:

1. Conserve Lighting

  • Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight is sufficient. This can reduce lighting expenses by 10-40%.
  • Maximize daylighting — open or close blinds to make the best use of natural daylight. Take advantage of skylights or other natural daylight sources.

2. Enable Power Management Functions

  • Enable the power management on function on computers or printers, which automatically puts monitors to sleep when not in use.
  • Some "smart" appliances also may have this function.

3. Use "Smart" Power Strips

  • Plug electronics into "smart" power strips that let you designate what should be on.

4. Monitor HVAC Equipment

  • Perform routine maintenance of your home's heating and cooling equipment to guarantee efficient operation throughout the year.
  • Set back your home's thermostat in the evening and other times when your home isn't occupied.

5. Consider Energy Rebate Programs

If you're having trouble managing your home's energy costs, the Ohio Department of Development offers Energy Assistance Programs.