Rental Occupancy Registration

The Residential Occupancy Inspection Program requires that each owner of a rental dwelling(s) and/or property(s) within the City of Loveland annually registers their rental dwelling(s) and/or property(s), including a written report of each tenant known to occupy the rental. The report is to include name changes, addresses, and telephone numbers of those in occupancy.  Upon completion of registration, the Loveland/Symmes Fire Department will schedule an inspection of the rental dwelling(s) and/or property(s) to ensure that the rental dwelling(s) and/or property(s) are safe and in compliance with all applicable codes. 

Inspections criteria includes:

  1. Two remote means of escape, free from obstruction(s), from each level where occupants are to reside.
  2. Stairs, hallways, and passages to exit are adequately lit and free of obstructions.
  3. Evidence of loose and/or exposed wiring; extension cord misuse.
  4. Evidence of plumbing and/or heating concerns.
  5. Flammable and combustible materials are properly stored.
  6. Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguisher(s) are in good working order.

Short-Term Rental units are not subject to the provisions of the Residential Occupancy Inspection Program.  

Rental Registration Application
Sample Red Card
Chapter 1330: Residential Occupancy Inspection