Planning Our Future

The City of Loveland is actively planning for its future. City Council and staff have led efforts to conduct community planning sessions and draft guiding policies.

Loveland Comprehensive Plan Logo

Comprehensive Master Plan

In July 2022, City Council approved the 2022 Comprehensive Master Development Plan. This is a guiding policy document for how to improve the physical and social aspects of the community over the next 10 years. The plan is organized into four main themes: Development, Prosperity, Neighborhoods, and Assets. 

Tano Sidewalk streetscape

Downtown Loveland Strategic Plan

In 2018-2019, the city sought input from residents, business owners and visitors to determine what physical improvements should be made to shape Downtown Loveland. The plan also identified what future development should look like. 

Loveland Madeira Road Corridor

Loveland-Madeira Corridor Plan

A key feature of the city's 2022 Comprehensive Master Development Plan is to improve the Loveland-Madeira Corridor. This will include adding sidewalks, street lighting, buffers, high-visibility crosswalks, landscaping, and benches to make the road pedestrian-friendly. A roundabout is proposed to improve traffic flow. Storm water infrastructure would be improved. The city is applying for grant funding to begin improvements. View the proposed plan.

Cars driving on bridge

West Loveland Avenue Traffic Study

The city is investigating alternatives for addressing congestion on and near the West Loveland Avenue bridge spanning the Little Miami River. Public involvement is a critical component of the process — beginning with a survey conducted in June-July 2023. Learn more about the study and opportunities for public engagement.

Downtown Loveland Clock Tower

Downtown Loveland Streetscape Master Plan

This project aims to create a planning document that will guide short- and long-term infrastructure and streetscape investments in the city’s downtown business district. View the proposed master plan.

Nisbet Park

Nisbet Park Master Plan

In early 2021, the city’s Recreation Board began drafting the Nisbet Park Master Plan to revitalize the park. Through surveys, the board found the public wished for new spaces within the park to support community activities. The first phase of park improvements will feature construction of a 24-foot diameter gazebo, which will be large enough to accommodate small concerts, family parties and weddings.


Thoroughfare Plan

The city intends this 2023 Thoroughfare Plan to inventory current roadway assets, identify opportunities for roadway improvements, and provide guidance to configure the city’s transportation system to support future needs.