Leaf & Brush Collection

Brush Pick-Up

In the spring and fall, the City of Loveland Public Works Department picks up brush for residents. You do not need to call to schedule your brush pick-up since the crew drives a continuous route throughout the city limits.

Leaf Pick-Up

In the fall, the city offers both a leaf pick-up program. You may notice that your leaves have not all fallen before your neighborhood's collection date comes. This is because our number of staff and trucks is limited, and there are many neighborhoods to reach before the first snowfall. We do our best to go back to neighborhoods one additional pass to pick up remaining leaves within the two weeks the city crew conducts the fall brush pick-up.

Drop-Off Program

Outside the regular brush pick-up schedule provided by the City of Loveland (or if leaf/brush piles do not comply with the below instructions), residents may visit City Hall to receive a free voucher to drop off a load of yard waste to Evans Landscaping at 9700 East Kemper Road. The city has an agreement with Evans Landscaping for a year-round residential yard waste drop-off program.  

There is no cost to residents for this service. Residents of the city can pick up a voucher at City Hall Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Residents must have a voucher from the city to participate in this program.

Other Sustainable Ideas

Other yard waste management options are available, including ones that benefit your lawn, flower beds, gardens, and wildlife.  For more information, click here. 

  1. Brush Pick-Up
  2. Leaf Pick-Up

The 2024 spring brush pickup program will begin on Monday, March 18. Brush must be placed in the grass near the roadside no later than Sunday night, March 17. Public Works will collect brush for approximately two weeks.

The 2024 fall brush pickup program will begin on Monday, October 7. Brush must be placed in the grass near the roadside no later than Sunday night, October 6. Public Works will collect brush for approximately two weeks.


The following are guidelines established for the brush pick-up program:

  • Brush must be placed in the grass behind the curb or edge of roadway. Do not place brush in the roadway, gutter, ditches, or on sidewalks.
  • Do not block fire hydrants.
  • Please remove basketball hoops from sidewalks, cul-de-sacs, the end of your driveway, etc. In many neighborhoods, basketball hoops make it difficult for crews to navigate the route and make turns.
  • Limbs cannot exceed 10 inches in diameter at the cut section.
  • Limbs should be placed with the cut section facing the street and all limbs should be facing the same direction. This makes it easier and faster to handle.
  • No leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, bamboo, ornamental grass, or other yard waste will be collected.  These items clog or bind up the chipper.
  • Small twigs and sticks should be tied with twine in bundles 12 inches in diameter. Twigs or sticks can also be placed in a container, but no other yard waste should be in the containers. No loose piles of sticks and debris, please.

You may also view Illustrated Brush Pick-Up Instructions (PDF) or our how-to video.

Please Note

  • Any material not meeting these requirements cannot be collected and will be left.
  • Outside the regular pick-up schedule, residents are encouraged to visit City Hall to get a free voucher to drop off any yard waste to Evans Landscaping.
  • Wood chips may be available. Anyone in the city who would like a load of wood chips should call (513) 707-6115.