McCoy Park


McCoy Park is a neighborhood park located in the southeastern portion of the city. It features two baseball fields, one basketball court, and two tennis courts. Its tennis courts also double as pickleball courts. There is a playground and picnic shelter, as well as a restroom facility.

McCoy is one of the city's most recently improved parks. Improvements began in 2017 with the replacement of McCoy’s playset and addition of a picnic shelter. In 2019, McCoy’s tennis and basketball courts were resurfaced, pickleball striping was added to the tennis court, and its parking lot was also repaved. In 2020, the city received a Clermont County Community Parks Improvement grant to fund a new swing-set, three benches, and two basketball goals/backboards. In 2023, the city renovated McCoy's restrooms.

Location: 471 Oak Street

Parking: On-street and off-street parking available