Community Services

The Loveland Police Division offers a variety of services to our residents. The most commonly requested services are listed below: 

Bike Patrol

In addition to foot and motor vehicle patrols, the Loveland Police Department has six bicycles used for patrol work. The bike patrol is staffed by volunteer officers who patrol the neighborhoods, businesses, Bike Trail, and other areas of the city on bicycle. They are also used for special events, like parades, and for targeted enforcement to address specific crime problems. Bicycles can be a very effective means of deterring and detecting crime. Criminals rarely look for officers on bike, and bicycles can quickly get into many areas that a motor vehicle can not.

Citizens' Police Academy

Every fall, LPD partners with neighboring police agencies to host a 10-week citizens' police academy. The academy typically meets for several hours each week and introduces our residents to the role the police department plays in the community. Topics covered in the academy include a K9 demonstration, interactive use of force video simulation, jail tour, legal issues, and investigations. Please contact the department at (513) 583-3000 if you are interested in attending or complete an online application

Department Tours

Loveland officers conduct tours of our facility for various groups throughout the year. The tour includes our administrative area, dispatch center, vehicles, and equipment. Please contact (513) 583-3000.

Flock Safety Technology

LPD uses Flock Safety technology to detect and deter criminal activity. Flock Safety cameras capture objective evidence without compromising individual privacy. LPD utilizes retroactive search to solve crimes after they've occurred. This technology also allows for real-time alerting of vehicles to capture wanted criminals. 

K9 Patrol

Since 1999, Loveland has had a K9 program. Retired lieutenant Jose Alejandro went to local leaders and businesses to raise funds to help purchase the city’s first police dog, Argo. Argo served until 2007, when the Matt Haverkamp Foundation funded Azar. Since then, the Foundation has funded two more K9 officers for the city: Mack and Cruz. 

The Matt Haverkamp Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) established in remembrance of Golf Manor Police K9 Handler Matt Haverkamp. The Foundation provides K9 officers to police agencies around the Tri-State. The city dedicated its first dog park in honor of the Foundation.

Cruz joined the force in late 2021 and works with Officer Kyle Bibelhausen. They are responsible for numerous drug seizures and criminal apprehensions. In addition to his patrol work, K9 Cruz assists at various special events, including the National Night Out and the Citizens' Police Academy.

Local History (Background) Checks

System Manager Tina Kerns is available to conduct local history checks for our residents from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. History checks are often required by employers, volunteer organizations, or churches. Checks are for Loveland offenses only. We are not a certified Webcheck location. Our history checks may not satisfy the requirements of a background check required by your employer. Check with your employer about their specific requirements before scheduling an appointment.


If you lock your keys in your vehicle, we can help. Every LPD vehicle carries a "lock-out" kit capable of gaining access to most vehicles. Call (513) 677-7000 to reach a dispatcher.

Pole Mounted Radar (PMR)

The pole mounted radar is placed around Loveland where speeding issues have been identified.  It has a built-in radar unit and display screen that displays the driver's speed. The unit also collects data on the vehicles that pass and is instrumental in identifying speed issue locations and also dispelling speeding perceptions. Complete a Traffic Enforcement Request.

Public Information

Systems Manager Tina Kerns oversees data and authorizes the release of all public information. Please visit the Citizens Request Tracker to complete a public records request.

Vacation Checks

Going on a trip? Call dispatch at (513) 677-7000 to request a vacation check. Officers will stop by your house to make sure everything is OK while you are away.  Please visit Citizen Request Tracker to complete vacation check.